This morning, I woke up to hannah's beauteeful face.
She drug me along on her errands, then ditched me.
that's not really what happened. 
But I'm just saying it.
I worked on Breton's present all day.
then, oh what?
My phone broke.
I hate it really bad.
It's a touch screen, but it won't work.
But I can SEE that I have 5 messages.
It is killing me, not being able to read them.
I probably have to get a new phone.
I might cry, because I save text messages a lot.
I have quite a few keepers in there. 
QUITE a few. So I'm hoping they saved onto my sim card, instead of my phone.
It's weird, so it randomly chooses which one to save things onto sometimes.
Well hopefully I get a new phone tomorrow.
And hopefully people get on facebook and SEEEEEE that my phone is broken
So that I will not have 10 unread messages, tormenting me.
Not coo.
Well this is by far the most boring post I ever posted.
If I could give details about the present I made, it would have been more entertaining.
For now, goodnight!

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  1. I just clicked boring. Sorry. Mostly just to make you mad though, not because I'm actually bored.