Yoga and Mcdoubles.

Oh what fun it is to sneak out at 1:30 for a Taco Bell run.
but oh wait, what is this?
Taco Bell is in fact, NOT open deep into the night. 
So McDonalds it is! 
Pretty sick, right? McDouble at 1 AM? PFF.
I'm never eating unhealthy again.
So that was an adventure.
Yesterday I did a little leg work out.
Yeah I'm freakin out of shape.
My legs kill.
Know why?
because then last night, I did Yoga. NOT Wii yoga. 
go me.
When I was in YWs, we planned on having Sista Sara Francis teach yoga.
And they did it last night, so since it was partly my idea, I had to go.
And now my quads and hamstrings are paying for it.
But in a good way! It's a good sore.
Today I came back from the whiteheads and cleaned a little bit.
And then I went to Studio 210 cause Cortnie was trying to get her hair disaster fixed.
And Mrs. Kim Used-to-be-davis-but-I-don't-know-her-new-last-name did the waterfall braid in my hair again.
Kings to her. She's great! and it's pretty.
Now I'm just sittin around, writing missionaries, and staring at the wall (my wall is fun to stare at) until I venture off to babysit Macey and Miles for a few hours.
I'm excited.
Tomorrow... well I don't know. we'll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.
OH! I got a new phone.
Cause mine decided to stop working.
His name is Hagrid. he's a flip phone. and he is huge.
So his name is hagrid the beast.
I love him. 
ALSO, to you frequent stalkers of my facebook page.
Don't get me wrong.
I love harry potter. 
I just love making fun of everyone.
I allow myself a post dripping in sarcasm every now and then.
Well, I'm off.
Happy trails to you.

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