yada yada yada friday.

WELL hello.
Yesterday was a pretty decent day.
let see... I did nothing. waiting for jessy to come over.
When she did, we went and got food. cause I wanted some food.
And then we watched Definitely Maybe
cute movie. cute cute movie. but long. (not long enough for it to be ruined for me :)
Then breton came over, and we went and played Just Dance at jill's house... while she was gone.
I didn't wanna have to worry about borrowing it and alla that.
well let me tell you.
a house without air conditioning + sweat from dancing = PEACE OUT.
Sooo then we went to the park, and then Sam joined us, and then we went to play Apples to Apples, where I lost horribly..
I had ONE green card, and it was because sam's word was sexy, and I had a "Create your own card" and I made it be jessy. So he obviously couldn't refuse.
Then we watched What Happens in Vegas. LOVE IT.
I am going swimming in half hour, so Imma go put on a suit.
I'll probably be back later to blog about how straight up awesome my grandma was.
not that you care. unless you are a Robinson and you're reading this... in that case...
BUCKLE UP. and stay tuned.
bye for now!

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