So It'd be safe to say that I have a great life right now. 
This week has been the epitome of summer, and what I love.
First, we have Monday.
I wanted to swim, and I love spoiling macey. So what did I do?
I kidnapped her from her home, with her mom's permission, and we went swimmin.
I love listening to her chatter away!
And she's pretty much a professional swimmer by now...
I bought her a churro... which she dropped (on the bathroom floor)... so I bought her another one :)
She is too cute, I didn't care at all.
So we partied it up at the scera. 
Then on Tuesday, Me hannah breton and pedro ventured down to Payson to give the grotto a little visit.
remember this?
Of course you remember. how could you forget that bleach blond hair? ;)
Well. It was just as fun this year! Probably even funner.
Cause this time, we ALL actually went under the waterfall.
Props to hannah grace marx for facing her worst fear of all fears and stepping under that FREAKING cold waterfall. 
That night, back at the house, me breton and hannah.
Nothin better than 3 best friends layin on the grass in blankets, talking about random crap, and making up weird laughs.
Then me and hannah slept on the lawn.
She thought it would be OK to tell our neighbor friend Jr that we were doing so.
Silly stringed in the the dead of night!
This is war, boys. This is war.

Wednesday. Blah blah blah. Not a great day. 
Thursday me and Jessy reunited with our great friend Sean. well not reunited. kinda. cause we haven't hung out forever.
We did the classic "Three's company" shinanigans.
He made us Grilled cheese, we watched a movie. We tormented Jessy.
Then last night, I had  blind date!
It was super great!
Today, I went to Bath and Body, and then I came home to Hannah laying on my lawn during her break from the hellhole savers, where she works.
I made her some breakfast burritos. 
It was cute times.
Now I shall slave away all day, until I head down to payson with breton for some Mission Pics!
This shoot will be legit. 
Because it's on P town... so naturally...
Stay golden, amigos.
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really not the greatest picture of all...

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