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The moment you've all been waiting for... but not really.
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Click on "Waltzing Matilda"
skip to time 1:13
there. now you have the right effect for this spesh post.
So the other night, I found a few home-made (cheap plastic binding) "books". there were two thick journals, copies, of my grandma's, and a personal history.
I figured, "Hey. I love old stuff like this. I'll read bout my Australian Grandma Mary.
So I did just that.
Instead of staying up till 2 AM on facebook or Lightroom, I read this history.
and I learned a lot.
So basically my grandma is crazy cool. She grew up in Western Australia (Perth) and her family wasn't very well-off. They moved around a lot.
But when she came into her teens, she went to a technical college, and learned some typing skillzzz. blah blah blah.
She worked for the airforce  (WAAAF... whatever that stands for) and it took her alllll around australia. I swear she talked about peacing to Sydney for a week or so like it was a trip to St. Geezy.
She talked about her and her girlfriend's going swimming, and Pearl Harbor totally came to my head.
OK you can wake up now, this is the good part.
She called the Church for some reason, and they asked if she would come type up some letters for them. This is from her journal:
"The frist letter he had my type was to an Elder Burton W. Robinson. As I read his name I had a shiver go through me with a very strong conviction that that was the person I was going to marry."
Umm.. guess what my grandpa's name is?
Charles. FALSE. It's Burton. Burton W. Robinson.
That is RIGHT. They got murried.
how cute is that?
Wait. It gets cuter.
So she came back to the USA, and they got married in Salt Lake.
Instead of heading back to the motel, they walked around Temple Square because it was snowing and glowing all pretty. (which is the only thing I love about winter. me and gramps got somethin in common)
WAIT. it gets cuter.
They had 8 b-e-a-utiful kids, and then went on a SENIOR mission to Perth.
WAIT it gets better.
Then their 5th child gave birth to yours truly!
ok off subject.
Moral of the story.
I wanna be more like Grandma Mary, and travel around all over the place, mooching off people to live with, and being on my own, and having some great adventures.
I also want a perfect fairytale chick flick like hers.
Who knows if that'll happen. you never know!
Grandma and Grandpa got in a car accident when I was about 4, and Grandma was in a wheelchair the rest of her life. But ohhh was she still cheeky as ever.
She swore often, mostly british ones, and if she ever caught you saying "Koala bear" you would be scolded FO SHO.
A koala is a marsupial, NOT a bear :)
Grandpa died in May of 2002, and grandma passed away a month later.
It was the happiest funeral I've ever been to, because we all knew that she was just going to catch up to him, so that they could have their happily ever after!
Ohhhh what in the WORLD would we do without the knowledge of the gospel?
It would have been so so so much harder.
Everything would be harder.
Good thing we have amazing young men willing to dedicate 2 years of their life to spreading the word, so that other people can be comforted when their rockin' grandparents die!
Well, this concludes my little post about that amazing Aussie Woman!
Don't you dare check the boring box.
I'm already aware that it was boring :)
Have a great day!


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