Today was great. totes.

WELL hey!
So. Sometimes there are perfect Sundays.
today was one of those days.
I got up, got ready, and headed to Highland with the friends to Breton's farewell.
It was a lovely occasion.
Lovely man.
Gonna make a lovely missionary.
I thought I'd cry, but he didn't cry, so I didn't.
I guess my tear ducts are saving the action for Tuesday, when the real goodbye comes.
So yada yada.
We did the usual farewell stuff. Talked after at the church, then food and partyin partyin YEAH at his house after.
I did have to go get Nadine. and Sam.
Ok, don't tell anyone this.
But with jessy driving, we made the trip from the high hills of highland to my house in less than HALF the time breton makes it.
A little bit ridiculous.
Don't tell mom.
I am quite fond of that man, breton. He is straight up a great guy.
Well most of the time.
He has no fears or worries. So chill. and he is SO excited to go out and serve.
I'm glad I have such a great example to be my best man friend.
So then after that, came back home to no mother.
(yeah. she's in Scottland. well I'm not exactly sure where she is at this moment. but she's on her way)
and went to the Whiteheads for some birthday partying with the holdaway side.
SO fun!
I'm so lucky to have the second families that I have. (you know who you are)
So me katie, and amanda decided to go to the park and work on building our bucket list.
So we headed to Nelsons grove. When we get out of the car, what do we hear?
OH, just Jenn Blosil's angelic voice blasting for the whole park to hear!
Me and the whitehead sistas have a special bond because of Jenn Blosil and blasting her music and driving around.
So this was kind of perfect.
We sat on blankets, watched the sunset, and listened to some random band play.
That J-fro came and talked to us, and she is the best ever. for reals. hilarious woman, she is.
Then we came back, and hung out with the little munchkins and watched a movie, and had an ugly face contest, and now I'm doing this.
If I haven't said it enough...
I love the people that surround me.
oh! and! I got 1 and a half letters from allen this week.
He sent a letter, then two days later I got some pictures from him. 
he da best.
I love my life.
I love missionaries.
I love friends.
I love family.

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