some inspirational photography crap, and random thoughts.

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ahaha. as of last night, I have done 64 photoshoots! since... October '09 :)
I'm pretty happy with that! Not all of them were paying, not all of them were the best, not all of them were perfect. But. All of them are making me a much, much better photographer, In almost every single one of those shoots, I have made mistakes, or had small setbacks. Those, HONESTLY are what make me better
As said on Greys,
"Messing up, it's what makes a person. it's how we learn. where we find joy; in the things you don't plan for. things you never see coming."
But really, guys. Izzy knows her stuff. I sometimes make something out of mistakes, or just plain avoid them. As for the second half of that quote, ALL of the best pictures I have taken have been completely random. Driving down a street in virginia, messing around with a coke bottle in the kitchen, snapping pictures of children. Random happy accidents!
 The 4 things that have made me a better photographer are:
1. The advice from the great, level headed people around me (you know who you are)
2. I look at what other photographers do, and see what I can change in my own work. Don't look at it as copycatting ;)
3. Mistakes
I am always conscious of the mistakes I made in one shoot, and I make them stick in my head for the next shoot. Eventually I've gotten better and better at remembering what not to do, and what to do. What rules to make, and what to let slide.
I have also learned what photoshoots are not my forte', and what are! In case you are curious... Newborn shoots.. NOT my forte. Maternity shoots... NOT my forte.
Toddlers/ candids, YES Please. Singles, YES. Action, yes!
Learn learn learn. grow grow grow. cute.
On another note!
1. Whitehead/holdaway family outing today to the Aquarium was a golden way to spend a saturday!
2. New Jodi Picoult book. Need I say more?
3. I can't bring myself to delete the conversations with breton from my phone. I miss him a little bit. But I haven't cried at all since tuesday. denial? Just a river in egypt.
4. my pretend cousins the Ashby's are heading back to AZ tomorrow. sad goodbyes. this week was super great with their charisma lighting up the place!
5. It's my best friend's BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!!!!!
that's all for now folks!
Have a happy sabbath!

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