Would you like to know something I hate?
Something that can ruin a movie for me?
The length.
If the length of a movie is ridiculously long, I like it a lot less.
Toy Story 3? Call me crazy, but I can't stand it.
SOOO LONG. It just drags on and on and on and causes anxiety within me for the full second half.
Transformers 3? 
Just saw it. It was good! 
But the last 45 minutes just seemed like all this blurred together battle.
Which it was.
But my attention span doesn't do well with that crap.
Today I went to finish registering for MATC. ha I know what your thinking.
procrastinationnnn much? yep!
I have to take a math test, since I didn't take it my senior year, and I didn't pass with a B my Jr. year.
don't you dare judge me!
Math is NOT the Robinson's prime subject.
not at all not one bit.
But they gave me a study packet for this test I'm supposed to take.
Can you say Easy as Brittney Spears?
pretty much 9th grade level I'm pretty sure.
I still hate math, no matter what.
My BFF Jessy wants to be a high school math teacher.
Guess who put that idea into her head?
That would be ME! 
She tutors Isaac, and she really is a super great teacher. Like, she doesn't make you feel dumb. 
Well anyways. So I spent time with mama today. Lunch, MATC, shoppinggggggg.
Then I came home and did some laundry. 
and sat around.
and then Breton came over, and we went to visit Jessy.
Let's just say she's under house arrest... even though she's really not.
Love that gurl.
Ehhh then we went to Transformers and the night went to crap.
It was boring. I feel bad that he came all the way down for basically nothing.
I am worth it. thankyouverymuch.
Well I'm pretty tired. And I'm PRETTY excited to sleep in in in in in tomorrow!
So I'm gonna get started on that.
After I pintrest a little bit.
Stay awesome!
Oh! photo challenge.
Day 4: Something from a  high angle

Cheating just a little.
I didn't take this today. It was way too crazy today!
But this picture is... adorb. 
So forgiveness? I think yes. 
K bye.
PS>>> Winnie the Pooh? new movie? I THINK YES!!!

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  1. I hated the hell out of transformers. I slept through the first 40 minutes, thought "hmm this isn't too bad" for the second 40 minutes, and then tried not to gouge my eyes out for the other TWO HOURS OF PURE TORTURE. Oh it was horrible.