Being productive is great.
for realz.
Today, I got up and went on an errand for mother dear.
came home, washed Crunch berry the swagger wagon, and cleaned him out.
Went to target, bought a dish scrubber soap tube brush thing, with my own money. I was tired of wrinkly hands!
(our dishwasher has been broken for 3 months, and allll dishes are done by hand.)
Cleaned my bathroom SPARKLING clean
Printed some pictures, and sent a letter to cole.
Made biscuits again (we are getting better. almost red lobster stat)
and photoshot breton day.
It was a freaking great shoot.
Payson never fails me!
hottie homemaker housewife.

perfection. almost.
some picture taking time with his favorite gurrrrlz!

delicious lookin people.
a weeeee little sneak peak for y'all blog stalkers!

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