prickly legs= no bueno

Fact #3493992 about holly:
 I can't sleep if my legs are hairy.
A lot of girls don't shave in the winter, cause who gives a crap? Pants all the time.
Nope. Not me.
I can't be comfortable in my beddy bed. which is SAYIN SOMETHING cause all you regulars know how much I love my bed.
Anyway. that's why I'm awake right now.
I tried to sleep, but then I remembered something I had to tell my mommy. So I had to tell her on bookface. 
Also, I'm freaking hungry. But I think I'm too lazy to get up and eat something.
PLUS, I really should stop eating crap. 
This week is the worst, food-wise! 
that's no good. no good at all.
I'm going to try to sleep again now.
Happy Monday y'all. 
stay sweet.

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