a peachy engagement, and a day at the lake with no boat.

What a day.
Well, more like what at TWO DAYS.
Yesterday was super flipping BLAH.
until about 11:10 PM. That, my young squires, is when my oldest (and wisest. lets face that fact right now) sister emily was proposed to at the airport! She had just gone through quote, "The worst day of my life" but then... hey! It turned into the Best day of her life. Until THE DAY. ha. It was a cutsie occasion for SURE. I have never ever in ma WHOLE LIFE seen Emily Jo Robinson that happy! if you would like to see pictures, wander on over to my facebook album entitled "Sum sum". I'm thinking of expanding my portfolio to proposals. Cause I'm kinda really good at stalking people around provo canyon, and popping out to take pictures when that magic moment comes.

Today, Me and two of my most bosom friends went to DeerCRICK for the day. We just needed an adventure and some sun. So that was grand. Just a nice relaxing day at "the beach"... It's moments like these when I wish with all my little heart that we lived closer to Bear Lake. Clear, beautiful water. perfecto beach. I would be there every day, no doubt.

I'm applying for Wasatch Mental Health. (my dad &&&& sister's work) tomorrow. again. I really really would love love love to get this job. Cross your fingers. Pray. Wish upon a star for me. or 11:11. or a wish bone. or an eyelash? yeah ok.
speaking of wishbones. I have one. ready to be broken, and ready to make dreams come true. It has been sitting in my room for about a year. Cause I can never find the right moment!! So I'm sending it to either Detroit, Colorado, Or Washington .Which ever one I see needs it the most I guess.

WELP. I'm gonna end this post now. Hopefully this summer night won't go to crap. which all of them have. No breton. no hannah. no amanda. sometimes jessy. sometimes alex. Mostly bear.
LML. bye.

WAIT. I forgot to mention how amazing and magical and sparkly and enchanting emily's ring is!
It's ok, you can stare.


  1. That's a great shot of her ring!! I love it!!

  2. You should be a ring photographer too!!! I'm so happy that that's MINE :) Umm also, I had one more thing to say but I can't remember...oh. I just had an eyelash LITERALLY 10 seconds before I read the part about wishing upon an eyelash, but I already threw it off. Sorry!!