oh happy sabbath day

sooo this one time, today was pretty great.
I went to a farewell with H and B. 
figure it out.
We had some way cute moments. pre-mission memories made.
Also, I went to the singles ward. me and hannah just went to Sacrament meeting.
Not gonna lie, I'm not a fan so far.
HA. hannah got creeped on a few times... and by actual creeps.
"Hello what's your name? haven't seen you around here before."
"Are you in our ward? Haven't seen you around"
scruffy scrawny humans. poor guys.
Tonight, I hung out with my family of course.
Woody gave me some boy advice. Because I asked for it.
Not sure his advice is the best, seeing as he has been nicknamed "77" for a reason.
but oh well! he's pretty smart.
We had the most classic american dinner.
Our chicken was rotten... so we pulled the ox out of the myer (?) and picked up a bucket of chicken from good ol' KFC.
My sisters love to remind me of my dream when I was a child.
A dream to one day work at KFC.
hey. it's never too late
anyways. so KFC chicken, coke, watermelon, and rice.
The Robinson family is awesome.
and you know it.
Well. I'm going to go ahead and sleep now.
This counts as Sunday's post. for the record.
OHHHH and I'll catch up on my photo challenge tomorrow.
Don't worry. 
I may procrastinate, but I won't give up!
Stay awesome.

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