my LYFE rox. and I'm not pregnant for realz...

Fun fact #1243 about holly: I can make myself look 6 months pregnant. It's kinda freaky. Like, seriously yo. Katie just took a picture of it, and I threatened her with her life, if that left her phone. TERRIBLE. It was scary. One time, me and my two great friends Katie Sorenson and Deborah Dean were pretty durn bored during a blasted choir rehearsal joint with Orem high, so we decided to fake my pregnancy and start some rumors around OHS. Ha. didn't work! but we got some weird looks. I'm guessing it was just a little overboard when we drew all that attention to me. it was pretty great.
But anyways, the picture tonight looked legit. HA. just ask my sisters. they know my weird pregnancy .. ways. Don't fret. There won't be a bun in this oven any time soon :) and hey...
At least I have to try, to look pregnant, and it doesn't come naturally. hahaha. 
Moving on! I wrote my first letter to Breton today. It might be too soon... Friday? nahh. It's fine. It's all fine. I'm fine. hahaha ;)
But really. the goodbye went smoothly, and stress-less. I've been keeping myself busy with swimming, and crafts, and driving, and pintrest, and piano, and photography, and friends. Love my life!
Miss my best friend sometimes. I'm ready for that P day! any minute now.
You know who else I miss? MY MOM! I miss that woman. England is jusssst too far away. She can come back now. thanks.
Tomorrow... I have nothing on my plate. Better fix that ASAP!
Well, I'm going to go sleepy-bye now. Thank you for reading, have a nice day!
oh... here are some nice pictures of my life for the past week.
got maself some brown hur!

Manda, Taryn and MEEEE. This child is the most adorable. and amanda is the best friend ever.

These kids. love em!

and of course the boy. the best friend. the goodbyes!

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