love those boys!

FOLKS. the moment came. I have been checking my gmail constantly, waiting for Breton's first email!
And it came! whoot! Not gonna lie. I teared up.
I can totes see the difference already. Maybe that's just cause when it's just me and him talking, he's a buttface cause we are best friends. but he was not buttface in his email!
(although, I can guarantee there will be a LOT of gloating.
"Hmmm Guess who I saw today? Oh, just Jeffery R. Holland. WHATS UP HOLLY?!"
and... "Guess what I can see out my window? The Puget sound!"
Yeah. I am betting on something like that every letter. but that's ok :)
It seems to me that the missionary side of the man, and the man are completely different. But the same.
I can tell this two years is gonna be hard, but SO great because he is so enthusiastic.
Same dealio with cole. He is the happiest person I have ever seen. In all of his emails, he is always using a billion exclamation points, and telling us how happy he is.
I love my missionaries! (not MY missionaries... yeah. that's me. I'm hangin 3 missionaries on by a thread. NO!" hahaha.)
I decided that tomorrow (letter day!) I am going to devote a post to Allen, cause he kinda came out of no where to people who don't know me well.
I'll also add him to the glossary. He deserves that!
Well, have a splendid day, and I will try as well.
Stay on the sunny side.

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