Little me & hospital fooooood!

I just did a shoot. 
It was fantastic.
It was one of those shoots where I can't stop editing because I love it so much, but I want to save some editing for times when I'm bored. But I can't. stop.
She reminds me so much of myself.
and that is not. just because we have the same name :) (her parents want her to be exactly like me, so they named her the most wonderful name of all)
She has so much spunk. and her voice is a little raspy, which is one of the best qualities of Holly Elizabeth Stoddard.
Family Reunion next week! I'm SO stoked. Love my fam damily. we be ballin.
Today I was productive, which feels good.
I delivered a photoshoot, went to bridal veil with jessy and alex, and then we went and ate hospital food.
Umm, thank you Alex Doggett. I have had hospital food before, but not since I was just a wee little tot. Every friday night before Isaac was born, we would
1. Visit mom at the hospital and eat (I think most friday nights... maybe not all... I don't know)
Watch TGIF. Sabrina, Boy Meets World, all that good stuff.
Anywho. Back to the magic of hospital food.
SO cheap. 2 bucks for a cheeseburger that is way deliciouser (yep. just said that) than a crappy ol' Wendys burger. blech!
I'm going to eat there more often now that I know it exists, and now that I know it's not completely weird for people to just eat there, even if they aren't patients.
Wellllll I'm going to bed now!
Be excellent to eachother, and party on dudes.

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