Lets get something done this day.

My top 5 most visited websites: 
1. Facebook. Obvi. Sad but true!
2. Pintrest. It's great, even if all it does is make me want things I'll never have.
3. Netflix. I'm burning through Grey's Anatomy. 
4. The Daybook. I don't remember how I found this blog... but I love it. It's just the life of a girl and her husband. And it's  a big deal I guess... She has like 50 comments or more on each post. I'm hoping a lot of them are strangers like me. I'm guessing they are, from what I've seen! She is really just a normal human being, (with incredible fashion sense. and a funny sense of humor) but her blog is so addicting for some reason!
5. Gmail. I have a weird thing called, I check my gmail randomly a lot. Am I expecting an email? Nope.
I just do.
Day 5: A picture of whatever you please.
This is what I see in front of me right now.
Exciting, right?
Is it just me, or am I really terrible and boring with this photo challenge thing?
I need to go search for more interesting subjects.
Oh well. I don't think anyone is going to be crying themselves to sleep over the lame status of my pictures. 
I need to be productive today.
This is what I shall do:
1. Write Allen back
2. Do the dishes
3. Print out pictures for my auntie 
4. Mail Allen's letter
5. Hang up all my laundry.
If I don't finish... I'll have to live with the consequence. Which is the crappy feeling that I didn't get anything done, at the end of the day.
Stay classy.
Much love.

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