I'm not even in denial.

Have I mentioned how much I love the people in my life?
I just spent 24 hours at the Whiteheads.
They the best.
I will be sufficiently distracted this week, thanks to them.
Umm.... I ate the crappiest food today. Not even funny. Wanna know? I know you do. 1. Breakfast Burrito 2. Snowie 3. Panda Express 4. Cake 5. Burrito and Cinnamon twists from TB. heh. 6. Fries from McD's 7. Diet Coke.
No. Seriously, that is not ok.
Tomorrow me and amanda are starting our work out... routine?
Pretty much even though this is the day (tomorrow) I've been scurred of for about a year, (well.. mostly like 4 months) I feel like it's a regular day tomorrow.
Just some good working out, (no. that part does not fit into the "regular day" thing) some Target run. Some friend time. Except this time when breton leaves, it's the last time I'll see him for 2 years.
mmmhmmmmm! just a little crazy!
Oh well. I'm fine now. I'm totally fine. Excited, even.
I don't think.
I'm way excited for Wednesday, because I'll get a letter from Allen, AND the Navajards are taking me to Pirate Island to heal my broken heart.
hahaha. no really.never been there. THEY are also, the best.
My mama is in Glass..something... Scottland right now!
It's... 7 in the morning right now there.
So maybe if I stay up for another couple of hours I could skype with them secretly. mehehehe.
I'm gonna go watch some skeezy greys now.
and probably sleep. yeah, that'd be good.
Love one another!

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