I'm a bloggin' freak.

1. There is hairspray on my computer screen. Classic.
2. Mother dear comes home tomorrow at midnight. STOKED.
3. Blog make-overs= bueno
4. Tomorrow is missionary letter day. lately, Wednesdays have been my favorite day of the week. too bad it'll get less steady when my buds enter the field. and. It's not just allen this time! But I gotta say, it'd be A-ok if it was just him.
5. I just swatted a bug away from slappy, but hit the screen with my phalanges instead.
6. I haven't showered in 2 days. gross.
7. Put together my first package today. I suck at it so far. BUT. I'm the coolest, because same-day delivery is making it possible for me to ziplock some spicy chicken nuggets and send em down to breton. We'll see how this goes. ahahaha.
8. That bug is still flying around my screen. I will kill.
9. I need to be grounded from PB fudge oreos.
10. I'm hoping to sleep till the mail comes tomorrow.
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