Human of the Day: Hermano Carlson!

Once upon a time, I took a picture of a soccer player.
It was a SICK picture. Picture this: someone laying flat on their back, with their legs sticking up in the air.
Now move that person 5 feet above the ground.
It was sweet.
I didn't even know the kid. I thought it was Alec Carlson
Now fast forward a year to Lagoon with Hannah, cortnie and the gang.
We talked a little bit there, but we didn't really talk through my senior year.
Then I went to his farewell with breton, cause I just go to every farewell with breton.
I felt way awkward, cause I barely knew him. but then he gave me a hug, and said
"Thanks for coming holly! we'll probably be hanging out a lot before I leave, right?"
ok. SO then came my birthday/graduation.
He was in the crew, and he was SO nice to me all day. (pedro and breton together= butts)
And my birthday was the greatest, and stuff. and we hung out a few more times than that. and stuff.
THEN he peaced out to the MTC.
I barely knew the kid besides a couple hang-outs before the mish, and now he writes faithfully every single week.
That, is why I heart Wednesdays!
Honestly, I have never known anyone so genuine as Elder Allen Carlson.
We are becoming super super great friends through letter. Because he makes it easy I guess.
Flip. I wrote to him and told him that I dyed my hair. What boy cares about that?
Wellllllll He does.{or pretends to}
He wrote back an enthusiastic good 5 sentences about it.
Since we don't know that much about eachother, every letter we write, we give eachother 5 random facts about ourselves. Cute, right? Corny, right?
is this picture not GOLDEN? Me= Big forehead Allen= taking a nap... with a smile. ahahaha. love it

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