Happy Monday y'all

I lied.
I'm going to procrastinate more on the photo thing.
until I feel like doing it :)
So one time, I hate to brag buuuut.... I'm a super great amigo.
I finally thought of what to get for Mr. Day, soooooon to be Elder Day, for his late birthday/going away present. 
It'll be prime.
because I'm making it. 
and I have some creative brains up in hur.
Today is blahhh.
I went up to Highland to give Mama Day the mission pics, and then I visited my dearest sister at her place of work.
I usually get her a Diet Coke from 7 11. buuuut have you SEEN that place? anywhere?
Darn free slurpees. 
Oh, and I went and bought a little black dress at target.
Which my mother doesn't approve of.
So I'm taking it back.
I'm kind of relieved, cause that's 20 guiltless dollars back in my wallet.
I'm trying to make myself get off the couch and go return it, and get a tape runner for this present of pure awesome.
Guys. I need a job. Did you know?
I applied at Archivers this morning.
I hate online applications though. It seems impersonal to me.
If they saw what a happy little chipmunk I am, maybe I'd actually get an interview.
Then again... that hasn't worked in the past. 
I had a dream. it all started with breton telling me where he is going climbing this week.
It's up in Wyoming, and he told me to google it. So then I started looking at mountains.
That's a different story though, which I am not prepared to share on this here post.
So my dream was that me and some people, I think jessy was there but it's all a blur, went to this canyon. And there was a biiiig cave, andt here was an earthquake coming, and you had to go in the cave to be saved. Pretty sure some stupids still climbed that mountain. but we went in the cave. 
We made it all homy, and stuff.
but then Mr. Andrus' family decided to move in.
So we had to move out.
We had like, drawers in the walls and all of our clothes had magically appeared.
Then his wife became our bff, but I don't think it was really is wife, cause I don't even know what she looks like. 
Uhhh... so that was a weird dream.
OH. Emily had a WAY better dream.
Me and her and Ben came home from church, and Voldemort was here.
So we came in the house, and tried to lock him out.
But then we realized, "OH. we can't lock Voldemort out. duh. he's magic"
and I don't know what happened after that.
Aight, I'm getting off my butt now.
Goodaye mate.

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