dang monkey.

I'm a little distraught.
I've come to the realization, that this might be a crappy 4th of July.
I mean, Saturday was GREAT.
but uhhh... tonight, I don't know what the heck to do!
You see, my dad and Isaac left. so no family stuff, obvi.
And some of my friends decided to ignore me. which I do not approve of, one bit.
I shall see what J and B are doing. hehehehe. Justin and Bieber? yeah that's what I meant.
I'm not about complaining on my blog. So that's enough of that. I'll survive :)
I'll tell you a story.
Close you eyes and picture this.
wait don't close your eyes. just picture this.
a stuffed monkey. about 4 feet tall. with PIERCING eyes.
that, is the monkey Sam won for Jessy at lagoon.
where has it been for the past month and a half?
My swagger wagon.
where was it located this morning when my dad had to clean out my car to take camping?
In my bathroom, staring up at the unfortunate soul who was about to walk through the door.
Now I know why at 9 this morning, I heard my mom and sister scream bloody murder.
I almost peed my pantalones when I opened the door myself!
Well played gregory james, well played.
Well I'll be back later for the photo challenge, and perhaps after I do something fun.
Let your colors burst.

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