Bring on the rain!

So this is what I've decided.
It would be stupid, expected, lame, unoriginal, and cliche to post on bookface about this weather.
so what to do?
Some people are all like, "OMG I luv rain and I luv my friendz and I <3 my lyfe!"
gaaaag me.
It is a dream of mine to live in washington.  for realz.
I love the rainy weather sooo much.
And who... WHO needs fireworks when you have a natural firework show?
Quoting a whitty young man from high school, after the last huge thunderstorm.
Somebody really pissed Zues off. 
ahahaha. the best.
I'm pretty sure lightning struck in my neighborhood.
Because thunder doesn't shake the house, and make three adult women scream bloody murder and almost pee their pantalones, if it was not at LEAST the next block over.
freaking sick.
Today I ran all around orem on random errands with hannah, and then I did a shoot of some straight up gorgeous kids!!
Those cherringtons know how to work it. beautiful!!
Day 3 is My favorite place to be.
(this ties in well with this moment)
My bed of course!
I am not an incredibly lazy person.
But my bed is seriously SOOOO freaking comfy. I love it a lot.
Now, how does this tie in with this moment?
I'm torn.
I really baaadly want to sleep in my bed tonight.
But I'm also scared that I'll just run upstairs screaming at the next deafening clap of thunder that heads our way.
I'm gonna make a decision.
I'm making my decision.
Decision made.
It's worth the terror.
Wish me luck!
Stay happy!

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