Baby you're a firework.

Fun fact about holly of the day:
the 4th of July is hands down, my favorite holiday. 
Is there anything better than fireworks? nada.
well. maybe some things. but only under the appropriate circumstance.
This year is super great, because it's sorta like having 2 holidays in one weekend!
So I wake up today, to someone yelling "HUMAN!" down the stairs at me.
It literally woke me up. Like, I was startled.
Only guess what? No one really yelled that.
It was a dream. wanna know the backstory?  I will tell you.
Little miss hannah marx has an awkward habit of saying HUMAN. in stead of girl, guy, person, dog, cat, etc.
the most common thing is "You are the cutest human."
So for some reason, I dreamed of her yelling that down stairs at me.
Thanks for the wake up call, hans.
Well anyways. I basically did nothing today. Actually, not nothing.
I curled my hair. that's something, right?
And I went to a few places job searching, only to discover that I for SURE just need to keep a stack of resumes in my car.
I got back, and watched some shows, and laid in bed doing nothing.
Then me and jessy went to get a shaved ice from the place by the scera.
Kinda funny story; we are standing in line, behind this cute young couple, and then there was this random 9 year old kid in front of them.
He was waiting for his snowie, and all of a sudden, basically to himself goes, "Whoa I feel dizzy!" with a mortified look on his face.
Poor kid. luckily his mom was right there to save the day.
That, was a pointless story my friends. You are welcome.
We went to Savers after that, to pay marx a little visit, and I got a picture frame.
mmm love me some of that.
Do you know what I love more?
Best friends who give you an extra ticket to the Stadium of fire!!
Here are my conclusions about tonight:
  1. East side= hell. while the sun is up at least, but it's worth it.
  2. why is it worth it? DAVID ARCHULETA AND BRAD PAISLEY OF COURSE!!! mmmmm MAMA LIKE. for real, they are both so great. two humble men gracing us with their beautiful voices from above.
  3. I can't wait to have kids, and buy them cute 4th of July outfits. 
  4. Radio people sound more attractive than they look
  5. Fireworks are probably one of my top ten favorite things in the world. That would a be a cliche first kiss, but it would be a WINNER.
  6. Stadium of Fire is sensational, and magical, and totally SIIIICK. But I think only one time. (UNLESS Katie perry comes. I owe my love for her to breton) anyway. I'm sooo freaking glad alex was BOSS and gave me her extra ticket, and we had a ball! (even with a biznatch creepy little girl in front of us.)
  7. Oh, and this guy in my ward, Artie Hemphill, of Artie Hemphill and the Iron horse band? yeah... HE WON. suck it, whips, or whits, or wipes. whatever your name is.
Well folks, that's all the words mama can rustle up for the night! Have an amazazing 4th of July weekend y'all!
Baby you're a firework.

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