"When life gets ya down, shove a doughnut down your throat and smile!" -Jessica lynn

If you're listening, the answer is YES.
I did just put two tanged songs on my playlist.
You are welcome.

WELL hello.
It is time folks, for the 3rd person.
Look out. This might get a little tender.
Keep a box of tissues near!
Ok well maybe for like, one sentence.

I accidentally edited one of me AND her. instead of just her. like the others. ohhhh well! real cute, right?

Jessy Russell. I have known her for like, 10 years probably, but for most of that time, the stereotype of "The Early Bird" was present between us.
AM students hated PM students, and visa versa.
So naturally, we could not meet.
We met. All thanks to Student Council in 9th grade.
I was her senator. and we partied it up.
She is seriously. the. best. person. I have ever. Met.
Like, she is SO FREAKING optimistic, and it gets on my nerves at times, buuuuut I admire it.
Ah crap now she's gonna see this and cry and stuff, and then hold me to it whenever I tell her shut up when she's being little miss sunshine
ehehheehehhehe. just kidding.
Ok. I'm going to relay a conversation we had last night, to give you a taste of how freaking HILARIOUS Jessica Lynn Russell is: eh hem.
ME: Today, I texted "Bad day?" to someone, and then I was like, HA! that's breton's initials AND his last name all in one!
Jessy: HEY! that's pretty clever!
oh my gosh... so... A day and B day, B DAY.... were b days your favorite classes? cause then. that'd be pretty cool. cause... breton's like your favorite person. besides me. and alex. and alex can be A day if that was your favorite day, and i'm lunch. because, J could stand for jolly, and you're jolly when you eat food. so overall. i guess what i'm trying to say. is that i'm your favorite friend out of everyone.
Me: Spencer bailey calls him B day. So he could be like, "Happy B day, B day!"
well obviously that means you liked a days which means alex is your favorite but that doesn't mean that she's your favorite over lunch because that's me, jolly J. Lunch, happy. anyways. hey that's pretty funny. i wonder how he felt when it was a b day. i wish everyone would've called him b day on b days. HAha... HAHA! oh man. that would've be so hilarious. hey that's pretty funny too!!!! happy b day b day. HA. man, we're so clever holly. lets be rich.
Do you get WHY this woman is my best friend?
HAhahahahaha for real. she is the BEST all around.
Well uh lets seeeeee..
Have you ever seen Princess and the Frog? Remember when Ray like, drowns or something, and the alligator gets a straw and tries to save him by breathing through it into his mouth?
That's the kind of human jessy is.
She literally did that when she was a youngin.
And she is going to kill me now.
We often go a few hours at a time speaking in either Southern Drawl, orrrrrrrr a full on Latino accent.
We literally get stuck talking like that.. sometimes in public.
I told her that her blog post was a work in progress, but I couldn't think of any single memory to share cause we have COUNTLESS inside jokes and memories.
If I think of some, I'll spout em out in randomnicity in another post.
Moral of the story: I don't know what imma do without Jessica Lynn next year.
I will be up at Utah State every other weekend that's for freaking sure.
Love her like the rainclouds!
Stay Excellent.

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