Alex Doggett.

yes, this is her Miley Cirus look. Can't you tell?
Oh alex. How do I begin to describe her glory?
We met as little 7th graders, in PE in the locker room. She had the same shoes as I. You know, the tennis shoes with the pink ribbons for laces?
And I said, "Hey! I have those shoes!" and then we became best friends.
We've definitely gotten closer than ever for the past 2 years.
This gurl is too dang nice.
She basically has the biggest heart ever.
If I'm ever feeling even a teeny weeny bit sick, she worries her little face off about me.
One time, I just had a little stomach ache or something (which as you may know, is completely part of my day-to-day) And she called me or something, and was like,
"ARE YOU OK?! I've been so worried about you!"
Just stuff like that is basically her deal. I love it.
She is the kind of person to say sorry a lot, and feel really bad about things, when they aren't even big dealsies. that shows her kindness love and charity! haha ha.
She also gets really excited when I have super boring news that I need to share with someone.
like, "I got new shelves in my closet!"
no joke I'm pretty sure she got really excited for me.
We went to EFY together.. 4 years ago, where our eyes gazed upon my soulmate.
A handsome bloke in a tie-dye shirt and a helicopter hat.
We had many an inside joke when I was in love with Easton in 9th grade, where she spent time "analyzying" whether he loved me back.
We drew pictures in Seminary when we got bored to tears.
We creep on people's homes sometimes.
We discovered the amazingness that is The Chocolate, and go their on occasion (with jessy) to share a Cazookie. Surprisingly, we are pretty good sharers.
We have gone on 2 Choir tours, both of which, at the end we did not want to kill eachother!
We have countless inside jokes.
She is my best friend, and I don't even deserve to have someone this nice in my LYFE.
Slam it!!!!!

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