P dawg.

Ok. in the next couple days I am going to blog about how cool my friends are.
But only my 3 best friends in high school.
Tonight we are going to talk about pedro, because chances are... I'll be peaced at him tomorrow.
(pedro. If you're reading this.... it's basically all in your yearbook. sorry...)
Pedro Fonzy Correa/ Petrosexual/ Brown brother. 
he was voted "Most likely to be America's Next Top Model"
Me and pedro met in 8th grade. My best friend was in love with this little hottie, and I ... also.. may have had a small crush.
but we don't talk about that in this friendship.
So me and Petro were pretty tight. We stayed that way through high school,  buuuut it wasn't really until trek that we became how we are now.
Which is quite literally, siblings.
I'm quite OK with saying that he is more of a "big brother" to me than anyone. 
1. We argue every other second, and call eachother names a lot.
but we still love eachother. Just like siblings, it comes naturally.  
He tells me when I'm being a straight biotch, and I tell him when he's being captain douche.
It just works.
2. He always ALWAYS has my back. He would stand up for me against all you haters. (lets be real. there aren't very many (( ha just kidding. that probably got me a few more than usual))) 
And I feel safe when I'm with him. He's freaking RIPPED. 
he could definitely take anyone. 
Don't mess.  
(ok now is where we just get into great qualities and things I love about him 
 3. He goes shopping with me. which sounds weird, but it is THE GREATEST. 
4. He doesn't bring drama into my life. 
5. I can say "hell" to him and not be judged. 
6. He gives good advice, even if I hate it sometimes. - it's real.
7. He is my "agent" in the photography thang. He's way good with stuff like that sometimes. As long as he doesn't tell me how to do my job :)
8.  He's easy on the eyes, which makes it convenient when I need a test model! hahaha

My brain just stopped working.
But anyways. That is all, and more than you needed to know about Pedro Fonzy Correa.
My big brother.
Stay excellent!  
Ps. next time I blog, I will be 18, AND a graduate of Mountain View High School.
GO ME! :)  

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