I'm sorry.
Summerfest just really isn't worth it.
The shop thingers got boring after like, 15 minutes.
So we left. then went back later.
Headed over to Zupas. got me some good grub.
Then went back over to the... fairgrounds? I guess you could call it that.
Well let me tell you.
I had to pee so mother freaking bad.
I refused to go in the port-a-potties.
So I guess it's my fault.
BUUUUT anyways.
My ideal day of summerfest would be this:
Go for the parade. (without having saved a spot for 2 days)
Look around the booths a bit, eat some meat.
Go back to my house, watch the fireworks from the perfect view that we have from my driveway.
(my friends don't listen)
Play games or something.
do what I'm doing right now.
I'm kinda in heaven for some reason at this moment.
I LOVE summer nights. SO much.
Last summer, when me and breton were new friends, him and pedro came over at like, 11 or 12 every night and we would all just sit on my porch and talk.
Right now, I'm blogging.
and editing.
and eating a pumpkin cookie.
listening to my playlist.
looking at the moon.
(tryin to get to you) what?
on my porch.
I love this moment!
I'm going to continue some editations right now.
Be great.
Stay great.


  1. hmm, you guys should of hung out with us and we had plenty of room for parade watching. Plus, Macey and MIles had sweet dance moves every time anything musical came by. And Miles and the 2 year old girl we sat by are pretty much dating now.

  2. ahaha! Next year I'm just gonna have to stick with you guys. I don't wanna miss any more of miles' girlfriends or macey's sweet moves.