I like it, I love it.

Oh my sweet potatoes.
I love my life!
Nothing amazing or exciting has happened lately. but I just love it!
a few thoughts:
1. My days have been pleasantly filled up lately. I get depressed when I do nothing, so I've been trying to stay occupado. with things SUCH AS,
 laying out
 crepe making
 aaaaaand... yeah.
It's been a super great week!
2. I love missionaries.
Allen Carlson and I became friends in just about 2 weeks, then he left on his mission!
But today I got a letter from him, and it made my day!
Those dudes are BOSS.
3. I just learned how to curl my hair with a stretchy headband thinger.
I look like a german.../swedish woman named Helga.
But tomorrow I'll look like a hot mama from the 50's.
We'll see.
4.. Next week, I'm going to girls camp from Tuesday-Thursday
Then me and Kelsey and Madeline are driving down thursday night, and Friday morning I get up and head to St. George aaaand VEGAS with my sisters!!!
I'm SO freaking excited.
We are staying in St. George, and doing stuff there on friday, then on saturday we're gonna go shop in vegas!
It's juuuuust what I need :)
I'm lovin life right now!
Stay smart.
Much love.

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  1. well hello, there. it looks like you're having a wonderful summer! you know what's funny? sometimes i find it stressful when I DON'T have anything to do over the summer- glad you've maintained yourself busy :) have fun with your trip!

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