Birthday Kidz

It was a great night, AND I'm happy.
So what else is there to do than blog, and then sleep?
Here we go.
So basically I'm happy because it's only monday, and it's about to be a super great week!
All day I did nothing. 
that isn't awesome. obvi.
But tonight I hung out with two of my best friends, and let me tell you. 
I'm not a huge fan of large groups. I like a few friends hangin out. 
So tonight, being my last night in orem till I peace out for 5 days, was mucho perfecto.
It seems appropriate to blog about these two individuals, because BOTH of their birthdays were this week.
Hannah and Breton, buckle up!
First, we have Hannah Marx.
Hannah sat behind me in choir last year, but to tell you the darn truth... she was intimidating just a little bit, and I never knew if she hated me or liked me.
Come to find out, via the wonderful world of facebook, we are basically the same person.
She has just taken me under her wing, (meant to be cheesy but joking but true) and acted like an older sister to me. 
I am the small fry of the group, and I am absolutely fine with it!
This woman, as we discussed in some depth earlier this evening, is plain sassy.
or maybe to make her feel better, CHEEKY :)
It's not a bad thing, don't worry! It is the best.
Her sass keeps thinks entertaining. there is never a dull moment with her in the room!
She is just really one of the best friends I ever had!
She is always there to give me real, straightforward advice.
I love my mother/older sister more than LYFE!
She is for real the best. 
Nostrils and all :)
Next, we have Breton Day.
I'm pretty sure I have written about him a sufficient amount, because he is my best friend.
I feel like I've already paid tribute to his awesomeness on my blog... so this might be really embarrassing if I am repeating everything I have already said.
So basically... we have grown up about 20 seconds away from eachother our whole lives, but we did not meet until last summer, on Trek. 
Oh beautiful trek, thank you! And pedro. Thank you too. 
 Anyways. Breton is kinda just way funny, and we are sometimes a lot a like. but sometimes not.
But usually we are.
And we are just best friends, and we have some great chats. 
He's a pretty great listener, ("I'm white" is what he says) and he listens to me babble on about all the high school drama. (no moooore!)
We have some super great inside jokes, and some super great moments!
ALSO, His eyes are as beautiful as the deep blue sea. Just thought I'd throw that in there.
In exactly 1 month, he will frolic off to MY favorite place in the world, to live and be the greatest missionary ever for 2 years!
I've already mentioned that probably. Everett Washington mission. yada yada.
 I love Breton my SBFFL! (don't try to figure it out) 
(OH. also. When we first became friends, we realized that we had to get married because then my name would be Holly Day. HOLLYDAY. HOLIDAY. just a thought. and a joke)

That is the story of 2 of the 3 favorite people in my head and my life right now.
It is 1:10, and I have to get up in 3 hours to go to GIRLS CAMPPP!
So. I'll let you know how that goes.
later dudes!
Oh wait. ALSO. Kelsey Navasard is my favorite person too right now.
I put on my facebook that I wanted some kid models for mini shoots, and she went right ahead and advertised me to all of HER facebook friends, (which is probably made up of a lot of young beautiful mothers like herself, with adorable kids)
and I got 2 more people askin me for a shoot!
Kelsey is the best.

Stay golden. 

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