This week was Mad as a Hatter. (what?)

That is the only word I can find to describe this passed week and a half.
Wait let's be more creative here.
Mad as a hatter? Batty? Beserk. that workds. ok.
I literally can't remember what I did on each separate day.
It all blurred together really a lot.
I'll try and keep this as organized as possible for you.
1. I did a photoshoot of Chelsea Bishop.
It was an experiment kinda, but It worked beautifully.
2. Did a photoshoot of Macey on the same day. 
I'm sorry but there is no 4 year old cuter.
That, my friends, is why I use her ALL THE TIME for my model.
I'd be happy to get more models! (not replacements.:)
All you mama's out  thur let me know, I'd most likely love to shoot you child with my camera. :)
3. Another photoshoot of beautiful little Jill fogth. sooo photogenic.
4. Oh.. what? another photoshoot? Lindsay Francis! 
Literally one of my favorite shoots.
But you kinda have to have the eye that I have.
One of the things that inspires me most.. probably in the top 3 of my inspiration list... Is Time-Life magazine pictures.
I have an 8 book set of pictures from different decades out of magazines.
They all have something in common; Accidental, candid, simple.
That is what Lindsay's photoshoot was like, so of course I went CRAZY when I looked back at the pictures.
We hit up Mini Squaw with a cute normal shirt, and then to this RAD yard, that looks like a piece of Seattle took a hike over to Utah, on the road of the Orem Cemetary, where she wore a Woodstock shirt. 
I'm going to make a seperate post about that shoot for more deets. 
5. I literally slept with my anatomy study guide for 2 weeks.
Ok not literally.
But pretty close. I studied a TON for my test, and I got an 85! 
Some people would say that isn't good enough for how much I studied, but it was definitely good enough for me!
6. I rebelled a little bit. I was out till 11:30 on wednesday night, at Karaoke night with my old fart friends.
I was freaking out a little bit, but my mom forgave.
7. I have 2 photoshoots today. BAHHHH I hope I don't die. 
One is in Highland, one is down here in my hood.
So this should be just great.
8. I babysat last week and I have a funny story to go with dat.
eh hem.
So when I was babysitting, Breton came over to visit for a few minutes.
I was about to put macey and miles to bed, and I said, "Mace can breton read bedtime stories with us down here?" 
and she just got really shy.
So I read them stories and put them to bed.
I went downstairs, and she called for me to go back upstairs 3 different times.
the third time, she was yelling,
"It's fine! it's fine!!"
"what macey?"
"It's fine!"
so I go upstairs and said, "Mace, what? what's fine?"
and she said, "We think it's fine if you sleep in mom and dad's bed."
apparently she and miles discussed it and decided that would be ok.
I thought it was funny. And I told kelsey, and then today she pointed out that she probably said it because Breton was there.
I love that little child. Ohhhh the way kid's minds think!
9. MORP!!!! ahhhh. It was SO freaking fun. like, really. 
I love easty weasty woo. 
and my group was pretty much BOSS.
10. oh my birthday is just in 13? days? 
no big deal.
NOT! graaaaduation anddd my birfdayyy!
I LOVE!!! I'm so excited.
Me and my sisters are hittin up St. Geezy the day after!
way excited! 
So there you have it folks.
Ten facts and figures about my week.
hope you enjoyed.
I'll be back when I finish edting lindsay's pictures.
Keep it real.

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  1. I'm glad you're not looking for a replacement model. :) And I cannot wait to see Lindsay's pictures.