stress less. and gossip less.

remember how I was beasting about how hellish this week was gonna be?
Well it got a LOT less stressful.
I postponed 2 photoshoots, AND I actually have a morp group.
was just a little crazy...
I tried studying Anatomy with Breton and Pedro, come to discover I know nothing that will be on the test.
I also came to discover that studying with breton does nothing but make you feel REAL DUUUUMB.
Oh well, I have been doing good studying on my own!
That day, we also... played banana grams (with their minds in the gutter, DEEP in the gutter, mind you)
Went on a Jazzy/bike/longboard ride, where the whole entire way around the block, they acted handicapable. 
Then we watched some Big Bang and house.
Great way to end a night, if you ask me!
I was supposed to have a photoshoot, but bad weather doesn't suit this gurl.
So I just hung out with Manda and Katie and then went to this relief society thing for us graduating senioras. 
Today, me and jessy are about to watch us some Greys, and then probably go buy some stuff for morp. 
Tomorrow, I'm watching Macey for a while for her mama, and doing that canopy/ blossom tree/ painted bottle photoshoot with that little guuurrrl.
And then I have a real photoshoot with Chelsea Lane Bishop!
Holy crap on a cracker! 
I drive to choir festival, then STRAIGHT from there (speeding) to babysitting at the Navasards. 
Get this:
I'm missing the choir banquet.
And guess what reward I have a chance of recieving?
Most likely to never do choir again.
Irony. Ohhh the Irony.
Then Saturday, all is chill until
6:00-7:15 _ Morp Photoshoot for Sheri's group
7:30-8:30_ dinner and morp!
I'm SO excited.
Did I already talk about morp?
probably not, because there was soohohooo much drama involved in the beginning, I avoided the subject.
But I'm going with my great friend easton! We went to prom last year.
And we have been close for 4 years. 
Sooo we be hittin up the dance flo. 
Well, pupils. Lesson of the day:
Don't gossip.
I have this problem, and so do you.
When a thought comes to your mind, think 
"hmm could this potentially cause people to hate me and/or eachother?"
And if the answer is yes, 
don't say it out loud.
I wish everybody could like everybody.
Keep it real, and be nice.

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