June 3rd 2011... or 1993?

Having graduation fall on my birthday is a bitter sweet thing.
eh hem.
Bitter: Graduations are long, treacherous and boring. Lets just name the people who did NOT graduate, and be done with it. and congratulate everyone else.
Sweet: I'm done with high school. 
"It's my birthday present to ME!"
Bitter: No party for my birthday.
Sweet: All NIGHT party with everyyyone!
Bitter: Everyone will be doing family oriented things all day, but mine basically ends at like, 1.
Sweet: Breton is gon' party with me!  (my mom's probably paying him.)
Bitter: Goodbyes
Sweet: Goodbye.
catch my drift, people?
Nahhh I'm still way excited for Friday!
This week will go by super fast and eeeasy.
On another note, I just finished 3 photoshoots.
Wowwww i'm pretty boring. 
Oh, I'm trying this new website thing, since my photography blog is basically MIA.
check it. There's only a few galleries, and this is only a 13 day trial.
But whaterr. WHAT err. 
I'm going to do something with my life now.
Stay golden.

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